Our company is undergoing Lean Management Project , The project is based on Japanese technology of working, which is simply a continuously progressive way of producing what customer wants, when they want it and focus is upon improving the ‘Flow’ or ‘Smoothness’ of work, thereby steadily eliminating mura(unevenness).

Company is implementing 5S for House Keeping.

Company is undergoing KAIZEN projects.

Our company has been selected for UNIDO project. This is for the technological up gradation of the company. UNIDO is a project of United Nations of America & Govt. Of India in which they have selected 25 nos. of foundries in Belgaum. In this project UNIDO wants to make the 25 nos of foundries as the best foundries in INDIA by giving consultancy through highly qualified consultants.

Future Growth Plans:

» Pneumatic Molding Machines.
» Lab for inspection for In-coming, In-process production activities and out going materials.
» Intensive Sand Mixture.
» Sand Plant.
» Track line for molding box.
» Knockout Machine
» Cold box for Core Making.
» In-house Pattern Maintenance Shop.